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WASH-MATECashless payment system for laundromats and OPL

Cashless payments change the current perceptions about laundry. It is convenient experience doing necessary chores with maximum efficiency. WASH-MATE is an ideal solution for public laundromats and so-called on-premise laundromats (OPL).

Doing laundry is getting easier than ever!

Load your clothes into the laundry machine (up to 10kg) and then you can leave the rest to us, to monitor the cycles progress and advise you either by SMS or e-mail, 7 minutes prior to the end the cycle. Additionally, you can plan ahead by taking advantage of our online booking service for your laundry machine. No cash necessary since you can pay with either your preferred payment card, PayPal, online banking transfer or existing smart cards option if you are a student residing in dormitory.

For business owner the WASH-MATE is even more convenient and more efficient way how to run the business than ever.

Cashless payment system is in ideal solution for apartment blocks and universities. No need to deal with cash issues, like no available coins on spot or jams that adds up valuable time and decreases possible earnings. WAH-PAL cashless payment system has already proven its benefits throughout various university campuses in Latvia, Lithuania, United Kingdom and Netherlands.

Imagine trouble-free operation with all direct interactions with end–users:

  • more than 95% issues may be resolved remotely, by us
  • each cost is covered by washing or drying cycle
  • no additional service costs

WASH-MATE is an ideal system for student dormitories and on-premise laundries (OPL).

Contact us if you want additional information on how to implement this solution in your laundry or premises.

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