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There is one location where laundry really matters the most, and that is in a hospital. Sufficient supply of freshly clean and decontaminated linen is an essential part of healthcare. There are large quantities of linen that need to be kept in order daily: hospital patients linen, curtains, kitchen linen, staff uniforms etc.

No matter if you are responsible for washing and drying all these items as a hospital staff member or as an outsourced service provider, your time is valuable. The volumes of soiled linen in hospitals sometimes may be overwhelming. There are many processes usually takes place: sorting, washing, extracting, drying, ironing, folding, and delivering. That means you can use help of technology that can help you sort out many issues that arises along the way.

By applying one of our solutions: REACTORWASH-MATE or Laundry ReSTART, you can optimize your laundry time and costs.  

Contact us if you require additional information or advice on your particular situation.