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REACTORNext generation laundry 24/7 monitoring tool

REACTOR is a “state of the art” laundry management software system and is an invaluable solution for anyone who runs an organization with multiple laundries.
Whatever your situation may be – whether it is running a restaurant, hotel or hospital, or taking care of the elderly to simply managing an apartment complex, you will benefit from this easy to use laundry management tool.

REACTOR has been specifically designed to assist small laundry owners who want a basic laundry monitory tool to increase the efficiency of their operations.
Our software is great for those who need to manage the most important set of interactions – which include starting and stopping a machine remotely.

Contact us if you want additional information, demo access or set-up a trial version of this SMART laundromat handling system.

Top features: 

  • machine setup
  • real-time and historical cycle records
  • full remote interaction with each machine
  • errors history
  • e-mail notifications
  • full technical manuals library for all eventualities
  • SMART information derived from accumulated online data

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