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Whether you have a small self-service laundromat business or plan to start one, you always need to think about the costs. The cornerstone of any business is about managing these costs, so your operation will be as efficient as possible. This is essential for any type of commercial laundry:

  • Coin-operated laundry
  • Self-service laundry
  • Vended laundry
  • Street laundry
  • Public laundromat
  • Unattended laundry

You will have more chances of success when you are able to manage your equipment 24/7 remotely, knowing all aspects of your machine’s operation, understanding what they are doing, and what potential problems may occur. Sometimes the machine just needs a simple restart, similar to a WiFi router or computer. There is no need to be physically there as you can do it remotely.

By applying one of our solutions: REACTORWASH-MATE or Laundry ReSTART, you can run your laundry business without leaving your home but 100% be sure about status of your business at any given moment.

Contact us if you want additional information and need advice on your particular situation.