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Due to automated, self-service nature and digital payment systems, the laundromat business has never been more efficient. WASH-PAL offers to customize your machine that can save you time and money exponentially. By selecting and customizing most inefficient washing programs, we offer significantly reduce not only costs and save client’s time but increase more Eco-friendly way of doing business in general.

What are the criteria for laundromat efficiency?

All modern washing machines perform the same basic function and their control panels look similar. They always have a normal cycle and eight or nine specialty cycles and a way to adjust temperature, spin and soil settings. According to CNET (online reviews and articles about technology and consumer electronics), the front-load washers are more efficient than top-load washers since they consume more water.

Don’t waste water and energy since 50% of users most likely will not fill the machine with a full load. 
Check out our efficiency calculator to do some simple math.

Efficiency Calculator
Efficiency Calculator
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Water consumption.

Load sensors can greatly impact the amount of water a laundromat facility uses.

By cutting down on the amount of water used for smaller loads, you can save not only on water costs, but improve availability of the machine for the next customer, thus potentially reducing depreciation costs.

This can be achieved by using water efficient washing machine programs and adopting good water efficiency practices: avoid under-loading and overloading, choose the most appropriate water level setting for the load, remove excessive number of rinse cycles that do not significantly improve wash quality, pre-sort fabrics based on the degree of soiling prior to washing, regularly monitor water usage patterns to promptly identify potential leaks or maintenance issues.

Temperature settings.

Find out your customers’ needs. Most likely the manufacturer of washing equipment doesn’t know the specifics of your market and offers only general programs. Don’t settle for default settings, select and create fully customizable machine, make your own programs that will be much more efficient than it used to be. For instance, 90 degrees program is the most time-consuming program in your laundry which could last up to three hours by default. Did you know that 40 degrees programs may be 45 C° in real life? It can take up to extra 5 minutes to heat up those extra 5 degrees of water which adds up as 50 minutes in 10 cycles. That’s 1 additional cycle time right there!

Even small changes in temperature setting can significantly increase your earning over time. Check out our efficiency calculator to see how even small changes can make a big difference in a long run.

Cashless system.

Cash is expensive and requires extra security. Risks of robbery, theft, counterfeiting, as well as risk of human error and labor during the cash handling procedures may add up and eventually ruin the business. Imagine your employees have to manually count, sort, reconcile, store, and deposit cash throughout the day for each machine.

Besides secure storage, measures and investments in counterfeit detection, consider charge fees for cash deposits from financial institutions making cash the most expensive method of payment for you as a business owner.

On contrary, usage of digital payment systems significantly increase efficiency and enhances the earnings for all future washing and drying cycles.

Develop a regular maintenance schedule to keep track of the washing machine’s efficiency,
depreciations costs, and make an informed choice on whether to replace it or not.

Contact us if you require additional information or advice on your particular situation.