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Apartment housing

For people living in an apartment block, the laundry is an essential part of their weekly routine. Some building owners use on-premise laundromats as a way to increase revenue by renting the laundry room for laundry specialists for a monthly fee. Some owners create a revenue sharing system where the apartment owner and laundry company split the profits from the machines each month.

Either way operating any type of On-Premise Laundry (OPL) needs more than just a room and equipment. Current models of washers and dryers are cutting-edge technology that are capable saving energy and time for those who know how to handle them properly.

Whatever is your situation, always consider these criteria:

  • 100% accountability
  • 24/7 operating capacity
  • Remote monitoring
  • Efficiency close to 100%

By applying one of our solutions: REACTORWASH-MATE or Laundry ReSTART, you can run your laundry business or use washers and dryers at maximum capacity and energy savings.

Contact us if you require additional information or advice on your particular situation.